Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New logo, new books and one day...a new website

So it's been awhile since I posted anything. Little Bird Books continues to be on the top of my to-do list but at the moment my partner's business is taking up all my time. (www.spasounds.com.au - if you're looking for some relaxation or chill out music!)

But!...I have a new logo. A slightly tweaked version of my initial creation which I think looks fresher and more colourful and makes me want to do more with Little Bird Books!

I do have some new books in stock, I am working on a website and I will eventually launch my little bird venture to the larger world. But for now here's a sample of some of the new books I've got on my shelves (catalogue will be updated shortly)...

How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? by Jane Yolen
We loved 'How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?' so much that I've now added this title and 'How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?' to my catalogue. Seriously, what little boy doesn't love dinosaurs? This book is good for teaching children how to behave in social situations, be it playgroup, the park or school. The illustrations are fantastic and the short rhymes make it a good, quick read before bed. That is if your little one doesn't make you try and pronounce all the dinosaur's largely unpronounceable names. I'm certainly heading towards being an expert in the field of dinosaurs!
I Wish That I Had Duck Feet by Doctor Seuss
Published in 1957, it wasn’t a book I thought I knew until I opened the pages and the memories came flooding back. It must have been in my library as a child. Great for early readers (4-8 year olds), it's also a rollicking good read for toddlers and follows a little boy who wishes for various animal parts that he believes will be of use (whale spout, deer horns and of course, duck feet). The 1950's harassed housewife mother and pipe smoking dad make for an amusing (if somewhat outdated) story but the message of being happy with yourself wins through in the end. Fun and funny!

Peepo by Janet & Allan Ahlberg
It took my son and I a while to warm to this one but now we can’t put it down. Peepo is a gorgeous rhyming, peep-hole picture book, set in war time England. It follows a baby through his day as he observes his family and the world around. Lovely detailed pictures and a PEEPO! on every page keeps my little man engaged.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A new year for Little Bird Books

There's something about the start of a new year. It always fills me with excitement and anticipation. What's going to happen this year? Where will the new year take us? What are we going to do, see, feel, read...?

I'm on the hunt for new stock for Little Bird Books. Already I have found some fantastic new titles that Harry and I are both in love with. But all will be revealed in good time.

Little Bird Books has been on a small hiatus, whilst I have been helping my partner with his business and of course, being a full time Mum. But we will relaunch in the next few months with a new catalogue of fantastic books, a new website and some fun local events.

So stay tuned. Happy reading. Carlie x

Hairy MacLary from 
Donaldson's Diary
Every household should have at least one Hairy Maclary book in their library. The brilliant, cumulative rhyming text and the terrific pictures make all of Lynley Dodd’s stories such fun to read. We have six in the series and quite often read all six before bed at night. We currently stock the original (pictured) but the Little Bird Books 2010 catalogue will feature a number of the Hairy series. One is just never enough!